Investment Savings Advice


The turmoil in financial markets over the past 6 years has caused investors to become more risk averse.

Wealth preservation has become the most important investment objective for many investors but they still have to place their money where they think it will achieve the best return for a given level of risk.

The challenge, however, is to determine the level of risk that is commensurate with the potential return that may be achieved.

If you are happy to leave your hard earned savings on low interest rate cash deposits, we can assist you in at least getting the best return that is available in the marketplace now.

If you are concerned that the real value of your savings is being eroded by inflation, we will provide you with other alternative investment options that merit consideration and match your risk profile.

To assist you with your investment decisions, we will guide you through a risk tolerance questionnaire and discuss the level of risk you are prepared to take to achieve your objectives. Most importantly we  will help you understand the investment strategy that is most suited to you.

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