Critical Illness

Critical Illness Cover

Critical Illness

Critical Illness (also known as Serious Illness or Specified Illness) is a once off lump sum payment that is paid out if you contract one of a list of illnesses that are covered by the Insurer.

It was designed to cover the Big 7: Heart Attack, Cancer, Stroke, Heart Surgery or Bypass Surgery, Kidney Failure, Organ Transplant & Multiple.

Now, however, your Critical Illness plan covers approximately 45 different illnesses.

It is very important to understand what is covered and what is not covered and therefore it is highly recommended to read the small print.

It is also recommended to seek professional advice in assessing your requirements in this area.

The real benefit of taking out an appropriate level of cover is that it will allow you financial stability if you should be unfortunate enough to find yourself struck down with any of these illnesses.

We will guide you through the various options and research the marketplace for the most appropriate plan for your individual needs.

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