Cost of putting children through 3rd Level

Saving for College.....

As a parent of 2 teens in College at the moment I understand very well the enormous expense in funding them away from home in Cork and Dublin.Regular Savings

According to AVIVA's Cost of Education Research:

Under half of parents (49%) say they have made no financial preparations to meet the cost of putting their children through 3rd level education.

  • On average, parents expect to pay out €5,122 a year to send a child to a third level college or university.

If the student has to move away from home to go to college, the expected cost is almost double, at €10,125 (that's over €40,000 for a four year degree per child!)

Over a third of families intending to put children through third level education have savings earmarked for this purpose.

Interestingly, 59% of Irish deposit holders have no idea what interest rate they earn. And when they are aware of this rate, 93% say they are very unsatisfied with the interest rate they’re earning.

The good news is that the Regular Saver and Investment Bond from Aviva can help you meet the financial challenges of educating your children.

5 Reasons to choose the Regular Saver/Investment Bond from AVIVA:

  1. Higher growth potential - your money has the potential to generate higher returns than deposits3 over the medium to long-term with access to funds from multi-award winning, world-class fund managers.
  2. Choice and flexibility: Two ways to invest:Pick a ready-made Managed for You fund; or Pick your own funds from our full Managed by You range.
  3. Easy access – you have access to your money when you need it with no early encashment charges on Regular Saver and Investment Bond Option D4.
  4. Cost-effective investment options.
  5. Online access to check the value of your investments anytime.

This are just a few guidelines so I will attach the customer flyer for a more thorough read- if you have any questions about this or on saving in general feel free to email me on or ring 087-6534444


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