Q. What are the advantages of using Money Sense?

A. We are a family run company who strive to give every one of our Clients, an honest, first class service. We promise to work hard for our Clients and we can ensure the best financial advice possible.

2. Q. How can financial advice from Money Sense benefit me?

A. Money doesn't come with instructions. Receiving financial advice from professionals saves you time and money. We understand that you work hard for you money and we want to show you that with our help, you can secure your financial future, either with savings or with investments.

3. Q. What kind of services does Money Sense offer?

A. We offer a range of financial advice for businesses, as well as individuals who simply wish to get their finances in order. Whether it be mortgage advice or investment and savings advice, we promise that we will work hard for you in an open and honest approach.

4. Q. Is there an initial consultation fee with Money Sense?

A. No. An initial meeting with John, our Qualified Financial Advisor is free of charge. There is no cost to you.