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BlackBee 90% Protected Index 6

BlackBee 90% Protected Index 6 BlackBee Investments are market leaders in investments, structures and technology. They deliver integrated solutions across regulated investments. BlackBee Investments is authorised as a MiFID investment firm and is regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland. BlackBee Investments have launched a new offering: 90% Protected Index 6 Key Features of the BlackBee…
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GDPR May 2018

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) The Irish Data Protection Act 1988 and the Data Protection (Amendment) Act 2003 ("the Acts") have been replaced today the 25th May 2018 by a new Data Protection Act ("the Act") to give effect to EU legislation, known as the General Data Protection Regulation ("GDPR"). The General Data Protection Regulation…
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Investment Outlook 2018

What is the Investment Outlook for the year ahead? Cantor Fitzgerald have published their Investment Journal for January 2018. This is a great read if you are especially interested in reviewing 2017. This journal outlines what may be on the horizon for markets in 2018. There is an interesting article on Ethical Investing on page 28 - it…
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Dual Life Mortgage Protection

Dual Life Mortgage Protection   Probably, the most important monthly bill in any household, is your mortgage payment. Friends First offers double the cover which is a product called Dual Life Mortgage Protection. Unlike Joint Life Mortgage Protection which pays out on the first death only - Dual life Mortgage Protection pays out on both…
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EIIS Scheme – West Cork Whiskey

EIIS Scheme (Employment & Investment Incentive Scheme) - West Cork Whiskey The Employment & Investment Incentive Scheme (EIIS) allows you to obtain income tax relief on investments in qualifying SMEs. EIIS is one of the few remaining sources of income tax relief which can be obtained from PAYE earnings, rental income from property held in…
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Employment & Investment Incentive Scheme (EIIS) Opportunity

Employment Incentive & Investment Schemes (EIIS) allow individual investors to obtain Income Tax Relief on investments made in each tax year into EII certified qualifying Companies. EIIS is one of the few remaining sources of income tax relief which can be obtained from your Total Income. PAYE earnings Rental Income from property held in a…
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Housing Market Bulletin for September

HOUSING MARKET BULLETIN AIB Bank have published their Housing Market Bulletin for September..     Headlines of this bulletin: House prices continue to grow while there is a continued shortage of housing in the marketplace. In July, prices rose by 12.3% on a yearly basis. This represents the fastest rate of growth since June 2015. It is important to…
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Cost of putting children through 3rd Level

Saving for College..... As a parent of 2 teens in College at the moment I understand very well the enormous expense in funding them away from home in Cork and Dublin. According to AVIVA's Cost of Education Research: Under half of parents (49%) say they have made no financial preparations to meet the cost of putting their…
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How Tax Efficient are AVCs?

I joined the Trusted Advisor Group recently and came across this article on their website. It was written by Tony Gilhawley FSAI, Technical Guidance Ltd. Additional Voluntary Contributions (AVCs) are a way of topping up your employer pension scheme benefits, at your own expense with the benefit of tax relief. But how tax efficient are…
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Best Specified Serious Illness cover available

According to Royal London they are offering "the best Specified Serious Illness cover available" in this weeks Irish Broker magazine for May.

Here are a few main points from their article:

  • Recent enhancements have been made to their Specified Serious Illness and it now covers more illnesses than any other product on the market - in fact, there are no illnesses covered by any provider's product that Royal London does not cover!
  • In addition, it includes enhanced definitions and offerings like its unique Donor Cover . Royal London are the first provider in Ireland to include Donor Cover. It means that they will pay €2,500 as a once off lump sum to living donors who donate a kidney, bone marrow or a portion of lung or live to a family member. Donating an organ is a noble act indeed and this lump sum will help provide a financial cushion to donors going through the operation and recovery involved.
  • It also now provides Children's Specified Serious Illness Cover from birth.
  • Royal London improved their offerings following feedback from Financial Brokers.
  • They have added 10 new Partial Payment Conditions to extend their cover for the most common serious illness claims; cancer, heart related illnesses and stroke.
  • 5 of these new Partial Payment Conditinos provide wide ranging cover for early forms of cancer at 50% of the cover amount, up to €15,000. It also includes cover for permanent pacemaker insertion and eye stroke, strengthening the overall coverage you may suffer from a heart related illness or stroke.
  • In particular, as more people than ever before are thankfully surviving cancer diagnosis Royal London have strengthened their cover for early forms of it. And, if you are later diagnosed with a more sever form of cancer (that meets the cancer definition of Royal London's policy conditions), you will still get a payout of your full sum assured.

If you would like more information on Royal London's Specified Serious Illness enhancements - please don't hesitate to email me on john@moneysense.ie or call 087-6534444.

Even if you already have Critical Illness cover in place - it is always good to review your cover and inform yourself on what is currently on offer in the marketplace. Knowledge is key!